toki pona pocket dictionary


It dawned on me that 120 is divisble by 8. This means the words in toki pona would fit nicely in a pocket mod.

A pocket mod is a type of pocket notebook that you can make from a single sheet of paper.

So I yelled at InDesign this morning for a while and came up with a layout for a pocket dictionary.

I've made my toki pona pocket mod available for download.

a photo showing how to cut the the center

a photo showing the final folded pocketmod

I decided to be a little fancy and made a cover for for mine as well.

a photo showing the pocket mod has been stapled into some cardstock

a photo showing the design on the card stock cover

The cover measures 5 3/4th inches wide (with the fold at 2 7/8th inches) and 4 3/8th inches high.

Bonus Content: