Self-Isolation Dairy Review


Whole milk is still the best if you can get out and get it.

The shelf stable liquid milk is next best.

Evaporated milk is a reliable third for flavor, but best for long term storage.

The big difference for me is sugar content. Since I mostly use milk for coffee and cereal.

Cereal will add sweetness so you can use even Evaporated milk without too much difference. Not saying you won't taste a difference though.

For me, I love whole milk with coffee. Latte portions for eachs and no sugar added. This works well because of the fat and sugar levels in whole milk.

The shelf stable milk is almost as good. You can taste that it's not fresh milk if you've got a picky tongue, but it's actually got 1 gram of sugar more.

Evaporated milk, however, has almost not sugar it in. Whole milk has about 11 grams while evaporated milk only has 3 grams. You can put it in your coffee but be prepared for more fat per ounce and to have your sweentener of choice at the ready.