Alice Rhodes

About Me

I am — hacker as in computer wizard, hacker as in tinker. Hacker as in I have a 3D printer and make stuff. Hacker as in I make browser plug-ins to mess with advertising.

Hacking is not a crime. A hacker is not by default a cyber criminal.

I ask why a lot. I want to understand how things work and why things work they way they do. I want to grok what I'm doing, not do them simply because I was told to. Folks tells me this is a strength but it also means I butt heads with folks in organizations that don't value you transparency, open communication, and best practices.


Code Hosting

I am no longer using Github for any personal projects due to ethical objections to Co-Pilot.

So if this link works, it's not me.

My code is on GitLab.

Solo Projects

Team Projects


I graduated from University of Maryland Baltimore County in 2009 with a B.S. Information Systems (last name was Carback at the time if you need to look me up). I have been doing paid web development since 2004, starting with internships were I did real work (not fetch coffee). I've done web work in government agencies, advertising, web agencies, and non-profits.

What I already know

PHP, Python, JavaScript, MySQL, MariaDB, but I repeat myself, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, Sass, Less, Bootstrap, jQuery, Twig, RSS, JSON, REST APIs (using), Docker, Git, Windows, Mac OS X, Debian-based Linux

What I don't know

and/or won't do anymore

-"Google Analytics", -"React", -"Angular", -"Advertising", -"Java", -"Apache Tomcat", -"Magento", -"Wordpress", -"Drupal"

Ethical Conflicts

I would rather not work for any companies that are taking advantage of end user data or meta data in such a way that violates their privacy.

I would rather not use any services from companies that are

What I want to know

Flutter, Dart, usability studies, ux design, cross-platform development

Work Experience

Check out my linked in.

I am currently working at University Washington's School of Public Health. I am a web developer for the CHSCC department.

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